In the late 1990s I started to really descend into the arts scene in Lincoln. The breadth and depth of talent continuously astounded me. But while I loved seeing the shows, my favorite part was calling up some friends and sharing the experience with them. Oftentimes they didn’t know what we were seeing, they just signed on. The the bonding and conversations that took place after the shows were inspiring. Always.

I decided to try and expose as many others to the benefits of using the arts as an excuse to deepen relationships. I started sending out emails to friends notifying them of truly special shows and encouraging them to attend. It worked better than I’d hoped. They started forwarding my emails to others. People started requesting that I add them to my list. Soon I had a pretty healthy number of people getting my emails, so I decided to formalize my process, give the emails some consistent formatting and a name. I was propagandizing the arts… so… propagandART was born.

The response was spectacular. It just kept growing and growing. At any given event, I could scan the audience and pick out people that were there because of my emails. I was truly making a difference in the arts. All because I wanted to get together with friends and have a good time together. It was extremely rewarding and only goes to show that people respond to good ideas.

Below are some examples of random emails that were sent out. For a better idea of the scope of this thing, hit the archive.

:: 031208 – leon, vince, bob & rootslove ::

’tis the season to revel in our blessings.
take a minute of your day to think about
the people in your life who have helped you along the way.
find a way to say thank you to some of them this season.

in general, people have ‘want lists’ and ‘need lists.’
surprise someone with something on their want list.
or maybe you can think of something they’d like
that they didn’t know they’d like.
i don’t know… but i’m in love with the notion of
finding excuses to spread a little extra cheer this season.

just a thought.

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:: 020722 – vinx ::

take a spontaneous bite of life on wednesday.
i know you have stuff to do.
but you can do it another time.
there’s a man in omaha on wednesday
that will lighten your load, at least for an evening.

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:: 020711 – bernie worrell, melodramas, wss, ne rep, scriptease, midnite, jcs ::

life is a series of emotional transactions
with the people in your universe.
i think we owe it to ourselves to
make the best of those opportunities.
decide to do something different.
challenge your routine.
surprise a friend with tickets.
soak up the chances life gives you!
get out and live!

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