When Lincoln Benefit Life decided to test the waters of the Social Media revolution, I was tasked to head up this new initiative. I researched the tools, our competitors, our sales force and industry regulations to come up with our social marketing strategy. I wrote three documents: an exhaustive analysis of social technology with recommendations, a proposal for a new program of helping agents enter the social marketing arena and a strategy for accommodating the oppressive industry regulations.

We moved forward on the natural first step of establishing a blogsite with articles that were not regurgitations of our marketing material. Our focus was on providing solutions agents could use to build a stronger, more profitable business. We wouldn’t promote our term policies, we would promote term insurance in general. We would also include any topic that an insurance agency faced: technology, branding, design, social media utilization, etc.

I worked with an ad agency to create a site that fit our objective and was tailored to the technological aptitude of our target audience. I also wrote and edited three-months worth of articles and had a promotional campaign all planned out. Once the site was up and ready for launch, our compliance department vetoed the blog because they felt our solution for internal comment approval could leave us open to reprimand from industry regulators. Drag. This could have been a significant differentiator for our company.

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