Some financial experts have warned us we’re halfway through a “lost decade.” Because of the volatility we’ve experienced, investors are basically at the same place financially as they were five years ago. Indexed UL, with its guarantees and upside potential, could be a bright spot for our industry, but we seem to be ignoring this innovative product.

While we don’t want to risk exposing customers to the volatile market, we also don’t want to undercut younger consumers by not offering the chance to capitalize on market gains.

Another overlooked aspect of IULs is the flexibility many carriers offer. Some allow you to restructure the guarantee period. And nearly all carriers differ in their handling of fees and rates.

People no longer keep the same policy for 40-60 years. Their needs change too rapidly and new options are constantly being developed. Offering a policy with all the characteristics of IULs makes good business sense.

It’s up to us, as insurance professionals, to help educate our customers. If they don’t know it’s an option, they’ll never choose it.