About 10 years ago, I took a challenging bicycle ride through some rural wilderness with a stud-rider friend. At the bottom of our first hill was a tight turn with a big tree looming. Naturally, I feared hitting the tree as I approached, and sure enough, I wiped out — barely missing the massive trunk.

With a smile, my friend came back to help me up and offered me this advice: “Watch where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.” I got up, dusted myself off and finished the ride following his advice.

Here’s the thing…that advice works for just about everything, including retirement planning.

Encourage customers to visualize what they want and help them understand it’s within their grasp. Without your influence, they view retirement planning as being too complicated and overwhelming. In fact, according to LIMRA, only 40% of pre-retirees either have a list of things they want to do before they die or are even planning on writing a bucket list. Further, only a third of pre-retirees within three years of retirement have a written retirement plan. [source: LIMRA]

LIMRA has developed an application designed to get customers ready to start retirement planning by helping them picture how they want to spend those years. It’s called Ready-2-Retire and can be added to your website, Facebook page or made available for download to your customer’s iPad or flash-drive.

Here’s more information about the application from LIMRA:
• Play Flash Presentation
View PDF Flyer

This is a great opportunity to use your social media tools to:
• Ask them if they have a bucket list
• Drive them to the application
• Encourage them to use on their own in a relaxed environment

Ten years ago I learned focusing on my destination means fewer stitches. Help your customers learn this lesson without visiting the Emergency Room.