Suzanne Vega
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Commercial Releases

-Nine Objects of Desire 1996
-99.9F Degrees 1992

Non-album Tracks

Out-takes One-offs & B-Sides
-China Doll, Cassidy ~ from Dedicated 1991
-Story Of Isaac ~ from Tower of Song: Songs of Leonard Cohen 1995
-Angel (Lust) [Edited Version] with Joe Jackson - from Heaven & Hell 1999 (iTunes Download/Vault CD 43)
-Gypsy+ ~ originally from Close-Up, Vol. 1: Love Songs 2010 (Internet Download/Vault CD 132)
-Tombstone- ~ originally from Close-Up, Vol. 3: States Of Being 2011 (Internet Download/Vault CD 132)
"My mother called me one day to tell me Morris our family cat had finally passed away after 17 peaceful years. She and my stepfather put Morris in a box, set him on fire, and sent him up the East River in an informal Viking funeral. I decided when I die I would rather have a beautiful tombstone. Here's the song." -Suzanne Vega
-The Man Who Played God • ~ with Danger Mouse Sparklehorse from Dark Night Of The Soul (Amazon Exclusive Version) 2010 ( Download/Vault CD 146)
-Horizon (There Is a Road) • ~ from Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles 2014 (Web Download/Vault CD 227)

Live Tracks
-2011 NPR ASC- ~ Feb 7, 2014 (Vault CD 214)
-Luka ~ from Lilith Fair Vol. 3 Released: May 18, 1999
-Rock In This Pocket ~ from Lilith Fair Vol. 1 Released: April 28, 1998
-? ~ Sessions at West 54th 1998
-Headshots, Caramel, No Cheap Thrill ~ El Rey Theater; LA, CA November 29, 1996 - from Headshots US Promo 1996
-More, Headshots, Caramel, No Cheap Thrill ~ El Rey Theater; LA, CA November 29, 1996 - from PBS broadcast?
-In Liverpool ~ "Pavarotti International" Charity Gala Concert; Recorded at Modena September 27, 1992 - from Pavarotti & Friends 1993
-Marlene On The Wall ~ from The Prince's Trust Benefit Concert; Wembly Arena, London June 20, 1983