James Taylor & Joni Mitchell Bootlegs

Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

Recorded live at BBC Studios 1970

Track List
1 ???? (JM)
2 The Gallery (JM)
3 Rainy Day Man (JT)
4 Steamroller (JT)
5 The Priest (JM)
6 Carey (JM)
7 Carolina In My Mind (JT)
8 California (JM-JT)
9 For Free (JM-JT)
10 The Circle Game (JM-JT)
11 Sweet Baby James (JM-JT)
12 The Good Samaritan (JM)
13 River (JM)
14 My Old Man (JM)
15 A Case Of You (JM)
16 Carey (JM)

Total Playing Time:

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