1997 Honors Awards

April 11, 1997
Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, CA
Host - Fran Drescher

Alice Cooper, Rita Wilson, Andy Garcia,Damon Wayans, George Michael, Kim Delaney, Gloria Reuben, Sean Penn, Sharon Lawrence, Yasmine Bleeth, James Taylor, Lea Thompson, David Spade,Richard Dreyfuss.


  1. Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood - “Higher Ground/Gimme Some Lovin”
  2. Rock’n’Roll Montage
  3. Sheryl Crow - “Everyday is a Winding Road”
  4. The Artist - “Holy River”
  5. Wallflowers - “6th Avenue Heartache”
  6. S. Wonder - “Living for The City”
  7. Wallflowers - “One Headlight”
  8. Celine Dion -
  9. S. Winwood and Chaka Khan - “Higher Love”
  10. S. Wonder and Williams Borthers - “I'm Too Close”
  11. James Taylor - “Shower the People”
  12. Intro Cellist/J. Taylor - “Another Day”
  13. S. Winwood - “Spy In The House Of Love”
  14. Intro Emmylou/S. Crow and Emmylou Harris - “Pale Blue Eyes”
  15. S. Winwood, C. Khan, Andy Garcia, Williams Brothers - “Family Affair”
  16. S. Winwood, S. Crow, J. Taylor, L. Helm - “Back In The High Life” and “The Weight”
  17. Richard Dreyfus - “Save the Music”
  18. The Artist - “Take Me With U”/”Rasberry Beret”

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