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Commercial Releases

-Fields of Gold The Best of Sting 1984-1994 1994 A&M

Studio Albums
-The Dream Of The Blue Turtles 1985 A&M
-...Nothing Like The Sun 1987 A&M
-The Soul Cages 1991 A&M
-Ten Summoner's Tales 1993 A&M
-Mercury Falling 1996 A&M
-Brand New Day 1999 A&M
-Sacred Love 2003 A&M
-Symphonicities 2010 Deutsche Grammophon (iTunes Plus Download)

Live Albums
-Bring On The Night 1986 A&M
-Acoustic Live In Newcastle 1991 A&M

Related Albums
-The Living Sea 1995 A&M

Singles & EPs  
-If You Love Somebody Set Them Free 7" 1985
-Love Is the Seventh Wave 7" 1985
-Fortress Around Your Heart 7" 1985
-Russians 12" 1985
-Nada Como el Sol 1988 A&M
-We'll Be Together 7" 1987
-Englishman in New York 7" 1988
-Be Still My Beating Heart Promo CD5 1988
-Fragile 1988 (do i really have this?)
-All This Time CD5 1991
-Mad About You (do i really have this?)
-Demolition Man EP 1993
-If I Ever Lose My Faith In You CD5 1993
-Seven Days?
-I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying CD5 1996
-Brand New Day UK CD5 1999
-Desert Rose CD5 2000
-Fragile [Live] ITA CD5 2001
-Welcome Home Digital Single 2006 (iTunes Download/Vault CD 56)
-Live from the Labyrinth EP 2006 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 70)

Non-Album Tracks

Circa Pre-Solo 1977-1984

N U C L E A R   W A S T E ! ! !Nuclear Waste and Digital Love 1977 [more...]
-Nuclear Waste
-Digital Love
-Spiral Diatribe
-No-Ozone Blue
-Nuclear MegaWaste

-Brimstone & Treacle, Narration, Only You, Spread A Little Happiness, You Know I Had The Strangest Dream, Brimstone 2 - From Brimstone & Treacle Soundtrack 1982
-Tutti Frutti, Need Your Love So Bad - From "Party Party" Soundtrack 1982

Live Tracks
-Roxanne, Message In A Bottle, I Shall Be Released - Live from "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball," the 1981 Amnesty International Gala at the Theatre Royal, Drury Land, London Sept. 9-12, 1981.

Circa Dream of the Blue Turtles (1984-86)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Another Day 1985
-Gabriel's Message - From A Very Special Christmas 1987
-Strange Fruit - From Rock for Amnesty 1986
-The Ballad of Mac The Knife - with Dominic Muldowney from Lost In the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill 1985
-Money For Nothing - with Dire Straits from Brothers In Arms

Live Tracks
-I Been Down So Long - featuring Jeff Beck; from the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA; August 20, 1985 - Taken from Live! For Life 1986
-Russians - From 28th Annual Grammy Awards, Feb 25, 1986
-Consider Me Gone, I Burn For You - Mogador Theatre, Paris; May 29, 1985

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Love Is The Seventh Wave - Special Single Mix 1985
-If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Orbit Mix, John "Jellybean" Benitez Mix 1985

Circa ...Nothing Like the Sun (1986-89)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Someone To Watch Over Me
-Up From The Skies
-Conversation With A Dog
-If You There
-Ghost In The Strand (CD Vault 28)
-Gabriel's Message - from "A Very Special Christmas" 1987

Live Tracks
-Money For Nothing - with Dire Straits from The Prince's Trust Concert Concert Wembly Arena, London; June 20, 1986 from ??
-Someone To Watch Over Me - Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards; Nov. 5, 1987 from Grammy Compilation
-We'll Be Together, Little Wing - Saturday Night Live 1986 (mono) (Vault CD 7)
-Ne Me Quitte Pas - 1988? (CD Vault 28)

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Mariposa Libre, Fragil (Portuguese), Si Estamos Juntos, Ellas Danzan Solas, Fragilidad
-Be Still My Beating Heart - Sting's Edit (Promo Only)
-We'll Be Together - Alternate Vers., Extended Dance Mix

Circa Soul Cages (1990-92)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Oh La La Hugh - from Soul Cages CD5 1991
-I Miss You Kate - from All This Time CD5 1991
-Come Down In Time - from Two Rooms: Tribute to E.John & B.Taupin 1991
-Cushie Butterfield - from For Our Children 1991
-Silence• ~ with Manu Katche & Peter Gabriel originally from It's About Time 1991 taken from Assorted Rare Treats 2009 ( Download/Vault CD 191)

Live Tracks
-Panis Angelicus, Muoio Per Te, It's Probably Me, La Donna E'Mobile - from Pavarotti & Friends recorded in Modena on Sept 27, 1992 (released 1993)
-Walking In Your Footsteps, Don't Stand So Close To Me - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan; October 25, 1988? from Soul Cages CD5 1991
-Lazarus Heart/Too Much Information - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan; October 25, 1988 from Soul Cages 12" 1991 (See Vinyl Vault)
-King of Pain - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan; October 25, 1988 from All This Time CD5 1991
-Tempted, Set Them Free - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan; October 25, 1988 from Mad About You CD5 1991
-Ain't No Sunshine - 1991? (CD Vault 28)

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Why Should I Cry For You - Radio Mix, Extended Mix, Spanish Version
-Mad About You - Italian Version (with Zucherro)

Circa Ten Summoners Tales (1993-1994)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Everybody Laughed But You
-January Stars
-We Work The Black Seam-1993
-Nice Work If You Can Get It - From "Glory of Gershwin" 1994
-The Wind Cries Mary - From "In From The Storm: Jimi Hendrix Tribute" 1995
-Sisters Of Mercy - With the Chieftans from "Tower of Song: Tribute to Leonard Cohen" 1994
-It's Probably Me - with Eric Clapton from Lethal Weapon 3 soundtrack 1994

Live Tracks
-If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Vault CD 7), Love Is Stronger Than Justice (mono), Every Breath You Take (mono) (Vault CD 7) - Saturday Night Live December 20, 1993
-If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - from Storytellers: The Lost Songs (See 1998 Tape 5 & Vault CD 10)
-Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - from Storytellers
-All This Time, Mad About You, Every Breath You Take, Message In A Bottle, Tea In The Sahara, Walking On The Moon - Unplugged from CD5s
-Bring On The Night, When The World Is Running Down, Purple Haze, The Wild Wild Sea, When Angels Fall - Soul Cages Concert from CD5s
-If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, Seven Days, Fields of Gold, Synchronicity II, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Englishman In New York, King Of Pain, She’s Too Good For Me, Every Breath You Take, Fragile - PBS: In The Spotlight

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Love Is Stronger Than Justice: Edit Version from Love is Stronger Than Justice CD5

Circa Fields of Gold (Greatest Hits) (1995)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-When We Dance
-This Cowboy Song
-Take Me To The Sunshine
-Spirits In The Material World - with Pato Banton from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Soundtrack 1995
-Mo Ghile Mear 'Our Hero' - with the Chieftains from The Long Black Veil 1995

Live Tracks
-Set Them Free - 1996 PBS On Tour

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-When We Dance - Classic Radio Edit, Classic Radio Mix, Full-length Classic Radio Mix
-This Cowboy Song - LP Edit, Single Reggae Mix, Single Reggae Mix with Toast, Extended Remix, Remix Featuring Pato Banton
-If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Soulpower Radio Mix, Soulpower Hip Hop Mix
-Demolition Man - Soulpower Mix

Circa Mercury Falling (1996-98)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-The Bed's Too Big Without You
-Someone To Watch Over Me
-Lullaby To An Anxious Child
-The Pirate's Bride
-Twenty-Five To Midnight
-This Was Never Meant To Be
-Giacomo's Blues
-Beneath A Desert Moon
-I Saw Three Ships From A Very Special Christmas 3 1997
-One World (Not Three) with Ziggy Marley from Reggatta Mondatta 1997
-Waters of Tyne - with Jimmy Nail from Carnival! 1997
-You Were Meant For Me - The Object of My Affection soundtrack 1998

Live Tracks
-I'll Be Missing You - with Puff Daddy & the Family - 1997 MTV Video Music Awards
-You Still Touch Me, Lithium Sunset, Message In A Bottle - Live at Riverside Studios for TFI Friday on June 7, 1996
-I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
-Roxanne, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Mercury Falling - Storytellers (Vault CD 14)
-The Bed's Too Big Without You with Ranking Roger on BBC's White Room 1996? (CD Vault 28)

Circa Sacred Love (2003-2005)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Blood Red Roses, Shallow Brown - from "Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballades, Sea Songs & Chanteys" 2006
-Union with Black Eyed Peas - from "Monkey Business" 2005
-Sister Moon with Herbie Hancock - from "Possibilities" 2005
-Love Sneakin' Up On You with Les Paul and Joss Stone - from "American Made, World Played" 2005
-People Get Together (4:28) Sting & Others from 2003 (CD Vault 27)
-People (5:11) with Jimmy Cliff & Tony Rebel from 46664 1 Year On - iTunes EP 2005 (CD Vault 32)

Live Tracks
-Message in a Bottle with No Doubt - Super Bowl 2003 (CD Vault 22 & Edited version on Vault CD 85)

Alternate Versions
-A Thousand Years: Unity Mix with Mariza (5.06) from "Unity: Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album" 2004

Circa Brand New Day & ...All This Time (1999-2002)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Until originally from Kate & Leopold Soundtrack 2002 (CD Vault 28)
-Fill Her Up from Fragile ITA CD5 2001
-My Funny Friend and Me originally from The Emperor's New Groove Soundtrack 2000 (CD Vault 28)
-End Of The Game, Windmills Of Your Mind (also from Thomas Crown Affair Soundtrack) - from Brand New Day UK CD5 1999
-Another Pyramid - originally from Aida 1999
-Invisible Sun - with Aswad from X-Files Movie Soundtrack 1998
-How Insensitive - with Antonio Carlos Jobim from Red Hot + Rio 1996
-Angel Eyes, My One & Only Love, It's A Lonesome Old Town - Leaving Las Vegas Sdtk

Live Tracks
-Set Them Free with Mary J Blige from My VH1 Awards Shrine Auditorium; LA, CA Dec 2, 2001 (Vault CD 20 & Vault CD 85)
-Fragile - September 14, 2001 from America: Tribute to Heroes 2001
-Brand New Day, Desert Rose - SNL 1999 (Vault CD 14)
-Brand New Day Late Show with David Letterman Oct 8, 1999 (Vault CD 7)

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Desert Rose: demo (5.13) from Fragile ITA CD5 2001

Circa Songs from the Labyrinth & If on a Winter's Night (2006-2009)

B-sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Welcome Home: Edit Vers. (3:47), Full Vers (4:29) with Henry Padovanni and Stewart Copeland from Welcome Home Digital Single 2006 (iTunes Download/Vault CD 56)

-Fields of Gold+, Hell Hound On My Trail+, Message In a Bottle+ - live acoustic tracks from X.M. Artist Confidential [Live from the Labyrinth EP] 2006 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 70)
-Roxanne, Alison, Flow My Tears (with E.Costello) from Spectacle; August 6, 2008 (Vault DVD 008)
-People Get Ready with Jeff Beck, Higher Ground/Roxanne with Stevie Wonder - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert, Madison Square Garden, NY; October 30, 2009 from 25th Anniversary Concert CD 2010

Circa Symphonicites (2010-??)

-Girl from the North Country ~ from Chimes of Freedom: Tribute to Bob Dylan 2012

Live Tracks
-Driven to Tears with The Roots and Chris Botti on trumpet - Kaufman Astoria Studios, Queens, New York; January 22, 2010 from Hope for Haiti Now 2010 (iTunes Plus Download)