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Commercial Albums

Studio Albums
-Outlandos d'Amour 1978
-Reggatta De Blanc 1979
-Zenyatta Mondatta 1980
-Ghost In The Machine 1981
-Synchronicity 1983

Other CDs & Videos
-Message In A Box 1993
-Police Live 1995
-Certifiable: Live in Buenos Aires CD & DVD 2009
-Everyone Stares: The Police Inside & Out 2006
-See Bootleg CDs

Non-Album Tracks

One-offs & B-Sides
-How Stupid Mr Bates, I Burn For You - From Brimstone & Treacle Soundtrack 1982
-Fallout, Nothing Achieving, Dead End Job, Landlord, No Time This Time, Visions Of The Night, The Bed's Too Big Without You (Mono), Friends, A Sermon, Shambelle, Flexible Strategies, Low Life, How Stupid Mr. Bates, A Kind Of Loving, Someone To Talk To, I Burn For You, Once Upon A Daydream, Don't Stand So Close To Me '86 - from Message In A Box 1993

Live Tracks
-Can't Stand Losing You - BBC One, June 13, 1979 from 1 and Only One
-Landlord (Live), Next To You (Live) Bottom Line 1979; Truth Hits Everybody (Live), Driven To Tears (Live), Man In A Suitcase (Live), Message In A Bottle (Live), Tea In The Sahara (Live) - from Message In A Box 1993
-Driven To Tears-, Roxanne-, So Lonely with Jools Holland- ~ The Frejus Amphitheater, Paris, France; August 28, 1980 originally from Urgh! A Music War Video 1980 ( download/Vault CD 236)
-Driven To Tears ~ The Frejus Amphitheater, Paris, France; August 28, 1980 from Urgh! A Music War LP 1980
-Roxanne, Every Breath You Take (with Gwen Stefani, Steven Tyler & John Mayer) - Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony; March 10, 2003 (Vault DVD 005 & RnR HoF Archive CD 07)
-Watching the Detectives/Walking on the Moon, Sunshine of Your Love - with Elvis Costello from Spectacle; August 6, 2008 (Vault DVD 008)

Remixes, Mash-Ups & Alternate Versions
-Voices Inside My Head - E Smooth Pump Mix, Classic Mix
-Roxanne - Puff Daddy Remix-Album Vers.; Puff Daddy Remix-Edit; Puff Daddy Remix-Instrumental
-Roxanne Should Be Dancing [DJ Zebra] - 4:55 Bee Gees vs. The Police vs. Groove Armada from 2011 (Vault CD 243)

Strontium 90

Strontium 90
1 Visions of the Night
2 New World Blues
3 3 O'Clock Shit-Live
4 Lady of Delight
5 Electron Romance
6 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
7 Towers Tumbled
8 Electron Romance-Live
9 Lady Of Delight-Live

This is available on the Pangae label. It's a compilation of the first recordings ever of Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers which resulted in the birth of the police. The studio recordings are from Virtual Earth around February 1977.

Related Artist: Stewart Copeland

Commerical Releases

Compilations & Misc Albums
- Highlander: The Final Dimension 1995
- Orchestralli - CD & DVD 2004
- The Stewart Copeland Anthology - CD 2007

Studio Albums
- Klark Kent: Music Madness from the Kinetic Kid - LP 1980 (as Klark Kent)
- Rumble Fish - LP 1984
- The Rhythmatist - CD 1985
- The Equalizer & Other Cliff Hangers - LP & iTunes Plus Download 1988

Non-Album Tracks

-Love Lessons - with Derek Holt ("Colts); from the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - Taken from Live! For Life 1986 (Vinyl Vault CD Vol. 2)
-Out of Bounds (with Adam Ant), Zola-X - from Out of Bounds Soundtrack 1986

Live Tracks
- Armys On Ecstasy, Shadow Of A Man - Oysterhead (Vault CD 24)

Related Artist: Andy Summers

Commerical Releases
-I Advance Masked - LP 1982 (with Robert Fripp)
-Bewitched - LP 1984 (with Robert Fripp)
-Mysterious Barricades - CD 1988
-The Golden Wire - CD 1989
-World Gone Strange - CD 1991
-The Last Dance of Mr. X - CD 1997
-First You Build a Cloud - iTunes Plus Download 2007 (with Ben Verdery)

Live Tracks
-Weird Nightmare - with Elvis Costello from Spectacle; August 6, 2008 (Vault DVD 008)

Related Artist: Henry Padovanni

Featuring Sting & Stewart Copeland
Welcome Home: Edit Vers. (3:47), Full Vers (4:29) from Welcome Home Digital Single 2006 (iTunes Download/Vault CD 56)

Related Artist: Animal Logic
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Commercial Releases

Studio Albums
- Animal Logic 1989
- Animal Logic II 1991

Singles & EPs
- Someday We'll Understand - Promo CD5 1989
- I Won't Be Sleeping Anymore - Promo CD5 1991
- Rose Colored Glasses - CD5 1991

Non-Album Tracks

One-offs, B-Sides, Etc...
-We Don't Need A Reason, Rose Colored Glasses (Alt. Vers.)

Live Tracks
-There's A Spy (In The House Of Love), Someday We'll Understand, Firing Up The Sunset Gun, Someone To Come Home To - Boston, MA; December 3, 1989