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Commercial Releases

-iTunes Originals 2004 iTunes
-The Peel Sessions: 1991-2004 2006 Island

-Dry 1992 Island
-Rid of Me 1993 Island
-4-Track Demos 1993 Island
-To Bring You My Love 1995 Island
-Dance Hall At Louse Point with John Parish 1996 Island
-Is This Desire? 1998 Island
-Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea [Special Edition] 2000 Island
-Uh Huh Her 2004 Island
-White Chalk 2007 Island
-A Woman A Man Walked By with John Parish 2009 Island
-Let England Shake 2011 Island

1995 Option ArticleCD Singles & EPs
-Man-Size Promo CD5 1993
-Down By The Water UK CD5 1995
-C'Mon Billy UK CD5 1995
-Send His Love To Me UK CD5s 1995
-A Perfect Day Elise UK CD5s 1998
-A Perfect Day Elise UK 7" Promo 1998
-The Wind UK CD5s 1999
-Good Fortune Parts 1 & 2 UK CD5 2000
-This is Is Love UK CD5 2001
-A Place Called Home UK CD5 2001
-Shame UK CD5 2004
-You Come Through Parts 1 & 3 UK CD5 2004
-The Letter Parts 1 & 2 UK CD5 2004
-When Under Ether UK CD5 1988/2007
-The Piano Digital Single 1988/2007
-The Devil Digital Single 1998/2008
-iTunes Sessions Digital EP 2011

-Please Leave Quietly DVD 2006 Island

Non-Album Tracks

Wish List/On the Lookout for
-'Civil War Correspondent' live at the WHFS 'Just Passing Thru' Session in 1998. from WHFS Radio - 'just passing thru No. 3' CD Compilation
-50 Ft Queenie (live) from Help! 1995 GO! Discs/Joinpath (PY 940 / 850 381-2)
-Who Will Love Me Now? from Darkly Noon 1996
-Dress From the December 1, 1992 radio appearance. - from Just Passing Thru July 1996

Circa: Pre-Record Contract 1988-1990

Out-takes & B-Sides
-Wait from When Under Ether UK CD5 1988/2007 (CD Vault 46)
-Heaven from The Piano Digital Single 1988/2007 (CD Vault 46)

Circa: Dry 1991-1992
Alternate Versions & Remixes
-Oh My Lover, Victory, Sheela-Na-Gig, Water - A John Peel session. Recorded 29 August 1991. from Too Pure - The Peel Sessions 1992 (Re-released in better condition on John Peel Sessions 2006)
Circa: Rid of Me 1993-1994

Out-takes & B-Sides
-Daddy from Man-Size UK CD5 1993

Live Tracks
-Wang Dang Doodle - John Peel Session originally broadcast March 12, 1993 from Man-Size UK CD5 1993
-Satisfaction- ~ Brits 1994 with Björk from webvid capture 1994 (CD Vault 259)

Circa: To Bring You My Love & Dance Hall at Louse Point 1995-1997

Out-takes, B-Sides & Guest Appearances
-Long Time Coming, Harder from Send His Love To Me UK CD5s 1995
-Darling Be There, Maniac from C'Mon Billy UK CD5 1995
-One Time Too Many - from Batman Forever soundtrack 1995
-Lying In The Sun, Sombody's Down Sombody's Name from Down By The Water UK CD5 1995
-Daddy, Rest Sextet from Spleen Soundtrack 1996
-Naked Cousin - from The Crow 2 Soundtrack 1996
-Henry Lee with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds originally from Murder Ballads 1996 (iTunes Download/CD Vault 33)
-Zaz Turned Blue from Lounge-A-Palooza 1997 Hollywood Records
-Ballad of the Soldier's Wife - from September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill 1997
-Losing Ground - from Inner Flame: Tribute to Rainer Ptacek 1997

Live Tracks
-Hook, Water - Glastonbury Festival June 24, 1995 from Send His Love To Me UK CD5s 1995
-C'mon Billy - MTV Studios, NY; 1995 from MTV 120 Minutes Live 1998

Circa: Is This Desire? 1998-1999

Out-takes, B-Sides & Guest Appearances
-Broken Homes - with Tricky on Angels With Dirty Faces 1998
-Liverpool Tide from The Devil Digital Single 1998/2008 (Vault CD 46)
-The Northwood, Sweeter Than Anything, The Bay from A Perfect Day Elise UK CD5s 1998
-Instrumental #3 from A Perfect Day Elise 7" Promo 1998 (Vault CD 100) [track is also on the Is This Desire Bonus Disc- WHAT ELSE IS ON IT?]
-Nina In Ecstacy, The Faster I Breathe The Further I Go (4-track vers.), Rebecca, Instrumental #2 - from The Wind UK CD5s 1999
-Nickel Under The Foot from Cradle Will Rock 1999
-Love Too Soon with French composer Pascal Comelade, The Faster I Breathe The Further I Go from The Book Of Life 1999

Live Tracks
-Broken Homes - with Tricky; Late Show w/ D.Letterman; July 17, 1998
-Catherine, Civil War Correspondent, Taut, Interview, My Beautiful Leah, I Think I'm A Mother, Interview, Is This Desire - Sessions at West 54th 1998
-A Perfect Day Elise - Tonight Show with Jay Leno; October 14, 1998
-Is This Desire? - KCRW Studios, Santa Monica, CA; October 28, 1998 from Morning Becomes Eclectic 1999
-A Perfect Day Elise - Late Show w/ D.Letterman; November 6, 1998

Circa: Stories from the City/Sea 2000-2003

Out-takes, B-Sides & Guest Appearances
-This Wicked Tongue - from Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea [Special Edition] 2000
-Memphis, 30, 66 Promises from Good Fortune UK CD5s 2000
-As Close As This, My Own Private Revolution from A Place Called Home UK CD5 2001
-Hitting the Ground + with Gordon Gano originally from Hitting the Ground 2002 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 64)
-There Will Never Be Another Time, Crawl Home, Powdered Wig Machine, A Girl Like Me - with Josh Homme from Desert Sessions: Vol 9-10 2003

Live Tracks
-A Place Called Home - Lamacq Live from This Is Love UK CD5 2001
-A Place Called Home - Launch CD-ROM Exclusive 2001 (Vault CD 29 & Vault CD 22)
-Crawl Home- ~ Jools 2003 with Josh Homme from web capture 2003 (Vault CD 259)

Circa: Uh Huh Her 2004-2006

Out-takes & B-Sides
-97º from Shame UK CD5 2004
-Stone from You Come Through Pt 3 UK CD5 2004
-Angel from You Come Through Pt 1 UK CD5 2004
-The Falling from The Letter Pt 1 CD5 2004
-The Phone Song, Bows & Arrows from The Letter Pt 2 CD5 2004

Alternate Versions & Remixes
-Who The Fuck: 4-Track Demo from You Come Through Pt 3 UK CD5 2004
-A Perfect Day Elise, Fountain, Good Fortune, The Darker Days of Me and Him, Life and Death of Mr Badmouth, Uh Huh Her from iTunes Originals 2004 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 49)

Circa: White Chalk & A Woman A Man Walked By 2007-2010
Circa: Let England Shake 2011-20??

Out-Takes & B-Sides
-Let England Shake+, The Words That Maketh Murder+, The Last Living Rose+, Written On the Forehead+, Angelene+, C'mon Billy+, Down By the Water+, Interview+ from iTunes Sessions 2011 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 124)
-Shaker Aamer- ~ from reprieve.org.uk 2013 (MP3 Download/Vault CD 208)

Guest Appearances
-Lonely Avenue + with Ben Waters from Boogie 4 Stu: A Tribute to Ian Stewart 2011 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 113)