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Commercial Releases

Studio LPs
-Ozomatli 1998 Almo Sounds
-Embrace the Chaos 2001 Interscope
-Street Signs 2004 Concord
-Don't Mess with the Dragon 2007 Concord
-Fire Away 2010 Downtown

Live LPs
- Live at the Fillmore 2005 Concord [DO I HAVE THIS?]

Singles & EPs
-Coming Up - CD EP 2003
-Nubes - iTunes Single 2011

Circa Ozomatli (1998-2000)

B-Sides & One-Offs

Circa Embrace the Chaos (2001-2003)
B-Sides & One-Offs
Circa Street Signs (2004-2006)

B-Sides & One-Offs
-Pensando En Mi Vida, Let Me Dream, Esa Morena, Mi Gente - from Coming Up EP 2003

Live Tracks
- Ya Viene El Sol - from Coming Up EP 2003
- Coming Up/Cumbia De Los Muertos - from Coming Up EP 2003

Circa Don't Mess with the Dragon (2007-2009)
B-Sides & One-Offs
Circa Fire Away (2010-??)
B-Sides & One-Offs
-Vamonos en Tren, La Meta, All Around the World - from Fire Away [iTunes Bonus Track Version] 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 82)
-Nubes+ - originally from Nos Vamos Juntos: Un Tributo a las Canciones de Califanes y Jaguares, Vol 1 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 126)
-Never Again+ with The Agahoza Shalom Youth Village from Raise Hope for Congo 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 126)
-La Luz del Ritmo+ - from Carnaval Toda La Vida! Tributo a Los Fabulosos Cadillacs 2011 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 126)