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Commercial Releases

-Do You Like My Tight Sweater? 1995 Echo
-I Am Not A Doctor 1998 Echo
-Things to Make and Do 2000 Echo

Non-album Tracks

B-Sides, Out-takes, One-offs, & Guest Appearances
-The Only Ones+ ~ from Johnny English Soundtrack 2003 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 83)
-Are 'Friends' Electric?+ ~ from Random 1997 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 81)

Remixes and Alternate Versions
-Indigo: 12 Step Mix+ (3:21) from Indigo Digital Single 2000 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 81)

Related Artist: Róisín Murphy
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Commercial Releases

-Ruby Blue 1995 Echo
-Overpowered 2007 EMI

Non-album Tracks

B-Sides, Out-takes & One-offs
-Orally Fixated+ ~ from Orally Fixated [Digital Single] 2009 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 107)
-Momma's Place+ ~ from Momma's Place [Digital EP] 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 107)

Guest Appearances
-Yellow Moon+ ~ with Marius DeVries & The Revolution from Revolution 2009 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 114)
-Don't You Agree?+ ~ with David Byrne & Fatboy Slim from Here Lies Love 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 83)
-Hold Up Your Hand, Royal T ~ with Crookers originally from Tons of Friends 2010 (MP3 Download/Vault CD 114)
-Boadicea+ ~ with Mason from Boadicea Remixes [Digital Single] 2011 Dance (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 114)
-Flash of Light+ ~ with Luca C & Brigante from Flash of Light [EP] 2012 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 183)

Remixes and Mash-Ups
-Sow Into You: Bugz In The Attic Remix+ (5:59) from Got the Bug 2 2004 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 80)
-You Know I'm Stuck: Little Boots vs Roisin Murphy Mash-up (6:57) (Internet Download/Vault CD 80)