Melissa Etheridge
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Commercial Albums

-Melissa Etheridge 1988
-Never Enough 1992
-Yes I Am 1993
-Your Little Secret 1995
-Breakdown Limited Edition 1999
-Skin 2001

Non-Album Tracks

B-Sides & One-offs
-I Take You With Me - From Boys on the Side Soundtrack 1995
-Touch and Go, Cherry Avenue, Beloved - from Breakdown special edition 1999

Live Tracks
-setlist coming - Lifebeat Benefit 199?
-Bring Me Some Water - 31st Annual Grammy Awards, Feb 22, 1989
-Ain't It Heavy, The Letting Go, I'm The Only One - From "Come to My Window" CD5 1993
-I'm The Only One (and others) Woodstock 1994
-?? - VH1 Roots, Rock & Roll (1994 Tape 1)
-Happy XMas (War Is Over)/Give Peace A Chance - Full (7.06) and Edit (4.36) 1994
-I'm The Only One, Honky Tonk Women (with Sammy Hagar) - VH-1 Honors 1994 (1997 Tape 1/MP3s on Vault CD 96)
-Maggie May, Ain't It Heavy-Acoustic, I'm The Only One - from "I'm The Only One" CD5 1994
-Come to My Window - 1995 Grammys (1995 Tape 1)
-?? - Unplugged 1995? (1995 Tape 1)
-Nowhere to Go - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1995? (1995 Tape 1)
-Be my Baby/Love Child/Leader of the Pack, Wake Up Little Suzie (with Jackson Browne) - Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame Opening Concert 1995
-Come To My Window (3.21), Bring Me Some Water (4.35), Like The Way I Do (10.32) - from If I Wanted To CD5 1995
-Bring Me Some Water and St. Teresa w. Joan Osborne; Occasionally and Watch the Woman's Hands w. Paula Cole; Sleep While I Drive and Foolish Games w. Jewel; Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover w. Sophie B. Hawkins; Love & Affection w. Everyone - VH1 Duets 1996 (1996 Tape 1/MP3s on Vault CD 96)
-Nowhere to Go - from "Nowhere to Go" CD5 1996
-Angels Would Fall - Late Show with David Letterman Oct 5, 1999 (1999 Tape 4 & Vault CD 07)
-I'm The Only One - 2001 (Vault CD 19)
-Come To My Window, Born To Run - Oct 20, 2001 MSG, NY from Concert for NY 2001
-Cry Baby/Piece of My Heart with Joss Stone Grammy Awards 2005 iTunes Download (Vault CD 32)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies & Concerts
-Piece of My Heart (Acoustic) - January 12, 1995 from RnR HoF Induction Ceremonies Box Set DVD8 (RnR HoF Archive CD 04)
-Thing Called Love with Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Hornsby - March 6, 2000 from RnR HoF Induction Ceremonies Box Set DVD8 (RnR HoF Archive CD 06)

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Nowhere To Go - Remix 1996