Imelda May
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Commercial Releases

Studio Records
-Love Tattoo [Bonus Live Disc Version] 2008/2009 Universal Music Ireland (iTunes Plus Download)
-Mayhem 2011 Decca (iTunes Plus Download)

Non-album Tracks

B-Sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-Poor Boy+ ~ with Jeff Beck from Emotion & Commotion (iTunes Bonus Track) 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 126)
-Lilac Wine ~ with Jeff Beck from Emotion & Commotion 2010
-I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love+ ~ from Listen to Me: Buddy Holly 2011 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 124)
-Carolina/Reel: The Ladies Pantalettes+ ~ with The Chieftains from Voice of Ages 2011 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 142)
-Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock'n' Roll)• 2:50 ~ from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (2014 Remaster) 2013 ( Download/Vault CD 224)
-Top To Bottom Boogie• ~ with Jools Holland (& His Rhythm, Blues Orchestra) from Sirens Of Song 2014 ( Download/Vault CD 241)

Live Tracks
-My Babe, Don't Do Me No Wrong, Big Bad Handsome Man, Wild About My Lovin', Falling in Love Again, Watch You Gonna Do, Johnny Got A Boom Boom, Rollin' and Tumblin' ~ Original source unknown (iTunes Plus Download)
-Feel Me+, Love Tattoo+, Big Bad Handsome Man+, Whatcha Gonna Do+, Johnny Got a Boom Boom+ ~ iTunes Festival: London 2009 from iTunes Festival [EP] 2009 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 146)
-Big Bad Handsome Man-, Knock 123-, My Baby Left Me-, Sneaky Freak-, Watcha Gonna Do- ~ Big Orange Studios; June 14, 2010 ( download/Vault CD 139)
-Danny Boy [Live with Jeff Beck]• ~ from Yosōgai [EP] 2014 ( CD 239)

-Inside Out: Remix+ (3:16) from Inside Out Remix [Digital Single] 2011 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 146)