Live Tracks
-Magic Man - Midnight Special (See 1998 Tape 4 & Vault CD 13)
-Straight On, Crazy On You, On The Road, These Dreams, Barracuda - source? (See Queen/Heart Tape & Vault CD 13)
-Stairway to Heaven+ ~ John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC; December 2, 2012 from Stairway to Heaven (Live At the Kennedy Center Honors) [Single] 2013 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 186)
Related Artists: The Lovemongers
Live Tracks
-Battle Of Evermore - Bridge School Benefit 1993
-Battle Of Evermore - from Singles soundtrack 1992
Related Artists: Ann & Nancy Wilson

-Autumn to May - from Disney: For Our Children 1991
-All For Love - Nancy Wilson from Say Anything Sdtk 1989

Live Tracks
-Battle Of Evermore - from Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Concert 1995