Karen Elson
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Commercial Releases

Studio Releases
-The Ghost Who Walks ~ Third Man Records/XL Recordings 2010

Singles & EPs
-Milk and Honey/Winter’s Going ~ 7" milk and honey swirl colored vinyl 2012 (Record Store Day 2012 Release/Vault CD 151/Oddling)

Live Releases
-Third Man Live ~ Third Man Records, Nashville, TN; May 24, 2010 [TMR149/Vault Pkg #12] Third Man Records 2012 (oddling)

Non-album Tracks

B-Sides, One-Offs & Guest Appearances
-I Love You (Me Either)• ~ with Cat Power from Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited 2006 (Amazon Download/Vault CD 156)
-In Trouble With the Lord+ ~ from The Ghost Who Walks iTunes Exclusive 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 114)
-Crying Waiting Hoping+ ~ from Rave On Buddy Holly 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 114)
-Season of the Witch+ ~ from The Truth Is In the Dirt [iTunes Single] 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 113)
-Vicious+ ~ from Vicious [iTunes Single] 2011 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 124)
-Gold Dust Woman+ ~ from Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac 2012 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 156)