Daft Punk
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Commercial Releases

-Homework 1997 Virgin {Do I have this?
-Discovery 2001 Virgin {Don't think I have this...
-Tron: Legacy 2010 Walt Disney

-Musique Vol. 1 19932005 2006 Virgin {Do I have this?

Non-album Tracks

B-Sides, Out-takes, One-offs, & Guest Appearances
-Sea Of Simulation• ~ from Tron: Legacy [Amazon exclusive] 2010 (Amazon Download/Vault CD 149)
-Father and Son+, Outlands, Pt. II+ ~ from Tron: Legacy [iTunes exclusive] 2010 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 149)

-Hypnotize U with N.E.R.D.: Nero Remix (5:33) from RCRDLBL.com 2010 (Vault CD 90)
-Technologic: Basement Jaxx Kontrol Mixx- (5:32) from Technologic [Digital Single] 2005 (iTunes Download/Vault CD 39)
-Get Lucky: Beats Antique Rmx (3:42) feat. Charles Butlerfrom [ALAC Single] 2013 (Vault CD 202)