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Commercial Releases

-Tuesday Night Music Club 1993 A&M
-Sheryl Crow 1996 A&M
-The Globe Sessions 1998 A&M
-C'mon C'mon 2002 A&M
-Live at Budokan 2003 A&M Japan

-Strong Enough US CD5 1993
-Can't Cry Anymore US CD5 1993
-Everyday Is A Winding Road US CD5 1997
-There Goes The Neighborhood Pts 1 & 2 UK CD5s 1998
-Soak Up The Sun Pts 1&2 CD5 2002

Non-album Tracks

Circa: Tuesday Night Music Club 1993-1996

B-Sides & Out-takes
-I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday originally a b-side from All I Wanna Do 1993 (MP3 Download/Vault CD 15)
-Volvo Cowgirl 99 originally a b-side from What I Can Do For You 1993 (MP3 Download/Vault CD 15)
-Solitaire - originally from If I Were A Carpenter 1994 (Vault CD 26)
-Keep On Growing - from Boys On The Side Soundtrack 1995
-D'yer Maker - from Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin 1995

Live Tracks
-Run Baby Run (and others) - Woodstock 1994
-Leaving Las Vegas - Virgin Radio UK 1994 from Strong Enough CD5
-Reach Around Jerk - Borderline Feb 9, 1994 from Strong Enough CD5
-All I Wanna Do - 328 Club in Nashville, TN April 15, 1994 from Strong Enough CD5
-On The Outside, No One Said It Would Be Easy, What I Can Do For You, I Shall Believe - Shepherds Bush Empire Theater/GLR-BBC June 6, 1994 (first transmission: Nov 5, 1994) from Can't Cry Anymore CD5 & Everyday Is A Winding Road CD 5 1997
-We All Need Someone, Feelin Alright, Midnight Rider (With The Allman Bros. Band) - Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame Opening Concert 1995
-Strong Enough - 1996 (Vault CD 26)
-Strong Enough - Feb 16, 1995 Late Show with D. Letterman (from CD 1997)

Circa: Sheryl Crow 1996-1997

B-Sides & Out-takes
-On The Outside - from Songs in the Key of X 1996
-Sad Sad World, In Need - from Everyday Is A Winding Road CD5 1997
-Blue Christmas - from A Very Special Christmas 3 1997
-Tomorrow Never Dies originally from Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack 1997 (MP3 Download/Vault??)

Live Tracks
-?? from Pavarotti & Friends 1996
-Squeeze Box - Live 1997 (MP3 Download/Vault CD 15)
-Sweet Rosalyn, Strong Enough, I Shall Believe - Lilith Fair 1997
-Everyday is a Winding Road, Pale Blue Eyes (With Emmy Lou Harris), Back In The Highlife and The Weight (with a bunch of famous musicians) - VH1 Honors 1997
-Home - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1997 (Video Vault ??/MP3 on Vault CD 96)

Circa: The Globe Sessions 1998-2001

B-Sides, Out-takes & Guest Appearances
-Straight To The Moon, You Always Get Your Way - from There Goes The Neighborhood UK CD5s 1998
-Sweet Child O' Mine-Rock, Sweet Child O' Mine-Pop orignally for Big Daddy Soundtrack 1999 (MP3 Download/Vault CD 15)
-Behind Blue Eyes - from Substitute: Songs of The Who 2001

Guest Appearances
-Monkey Mind - with Mitchell Froom from Dopamine 1998
-Baby Knows - Backing vocals from 'Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic' (which also contains a version of Everyday is a Winding Road) 1999
-Baby Knows - Backing vocals from Maceo Parker's 'Dial: MACEO' with 2000

Live Tracks
-There Goes The Neighborhood - from 1998 VH-1 Honors?
-My Favorite Mistake - Launch CD-ROM
-My Favorite Mistake, Hard To Make A Stand Acoustic versions for BBC1 1998 from There Goes The Neighborhood UK CD5s
-All I Wanna Do, Home, Sweet Rosalyn - Race to Erase MS, Venue? and Date 1998
-One Less Bell To Answer - originally from One Amazing Night: Tribute to Burt Bacharach 1998 (Vault CD 26)
-My Favorite Mistake - Tonight Show with Jay Leno November 5, 1998
-?? - Cheryl Crow and Friends from Central Park September 1999
-Difficult Kind - Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1999
-Difficult Kind - Late Show with David Letterman September 7, 1999
-Maybe That's Something, My Favorite Mistake, Everyday Is A Winding Road, Difficult Kind, Anything But Down, If It Makes You Happy, There Goes The Neighborhood - Hard Rock Live 1999
-There Goes The Neighborhood - from 1999 Grammy Awards
-If It Makes You Happy - from All Access Live 2000
-Change Will Do You Good, My Favorite Mistake, It Don't Hurt, The Difficult Kind, There Goes The Neighborhood - Sessions at West 54th 2000 (Unedited versions on Vault CD 21 & blended Versions on Vault CD 86)
-Strong Enough with Stevie Nicks - 1998 from VH1 Storytellers 2000
-Safe and Sound - September 14, 2001 from America: Tribute to Heroes 2001

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-My Favorite Mistake - Semi-acoustic version on Launch CD-ROM No.20 1998
-There Goes The Neighborhood: Radio Edit #1 (4.06) 1998

Circa: C'mon C'mon 2002-2004

B-Sides, Out-takes & Guest Appearances
-Time Has Come Today -with Steve Earle originally from Steal This Movie OST 2000 (Vault CD 26)
-Chances Are, You're Not The One - from Gr CD5 2002

Guest Appearances
-Cold Ground - Backing vocals, guitar, accordian from Rusty Truck's 'Broken Promises' 2003

Live Tracks
-C'mon Make Some Noise (partial) (2002 Tape 2)
-The First Cut is the Deepest - American Music Awards 2002 (Vault CD 22)
-If It Makes You Happy, First Cut is the Deepest, Everyday is a Winding Road - New York for Sessions@AOL; 2004 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 50)

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Soak Up The Sun: Radio Edit (3.25) - from Gr CD5 2002

Circa: Wildflower 2005-2007
Circa: Detours 2008-2009
B-Sides, Out-takes & Guest Appearances
-Behind Blue Eyes originally from Californication: Music From the Series 2008 (MP3 Download/Vault??) [i think this is the same version from Substitute: Songs from The Who 2001]
Circa: 100 Miles from Memphis 2010-
Live Tracks
-Lean on Me with Kid Rock & Keith Urban - Studio 36 at CBS Television City, Los Angeles; January 22, 2010 from Hope for Haiti Now 2010 (iTunes Plus Download)