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Commercial Albums

-Audioslave - Epic 2002
-Out of Exile - Epic 2005
-Live In Cuba - DVD Epic 2005
-Revelations - Epic 2006

Singles CD, Single DVDs & EPs
-Promotional Interview CD 2002
-Cochise CD5 2003
-Like A Stone EU CD5 2003
-Show Me How To Live EU CD5 2003
-Audioslave DVD EP 2003
-Be Yourself CD5 2005
-Live in Cuba Bonus Disc: Sessions@AOL EP 2005
-Quart Festival EP CD5 2006
-Original Fire Australian CD5 2006

Non-album Tracks

B-Sides, Out-Takes & One-offs
-We Got The Whip from Cochise CD5 2003
-Give from iTunes 2003 (Vault CD 32)

Live Tracks
-Set It Off, Doesn't Remind Me, Gasoline, Out of Exile - Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway; July 5, 2005 from Quart Festival EP CD5 2006
-Be Yourself, Loud Live, Doesn't Remind Me, Out of Exile, Sleep Now In The Fire - AOL Studios, Burbank, CA; August 8, 2005 from Live in Cuba EP 2005
-Like a Stone - New York City; iTunes Exclusive 2005 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 49)
-Like a Stone (Acoustic) - from Be Yourself CD5 2005
-Set It Off, Gasoline - Late Show with D.Letterman, New York; November 25, 2002 from Audioslave DVD 2003 (Vault CD
-Set It Off - Late Show with D.Letterman, New York; November 25, 2002 from Like a Stone CD5 2003
-Gasoline - Late Show with D.Letterman, New York; November 25, 2002 from Cochise CD5 2003
-Like A Stone, Gasoline, Super Stupid - Maida Vale Studio, London, UK for The Rock Show, Radio 1 from Like a Stone CD5 2003
-Set It Off - iTunes Download 2003 (Vault CD 32)

Remixes & Alternate Takes
-Show Me How To Live: T Ray Remix (4.47) from Be Yourself CD5 2005

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Commercial Releases

Studio CDs & LPs
-Evil Empire - 1996 Epic
-The Battle Of Los Angeles - 1999 Epic
-Renegades - 2000 Epic

Live CDs
-Live & Rare - 1998 Epic

Singles & EPs
-Guerrilla Radio - UK? CD5 1997 Epic
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Non-album Tracks

B-Sides, Out-Takes & One-offs
-The Ghost of Tom Joad - from No Boundaries 1999
-Year Of The Boomerang - from Higher Learning Sdtk 1994
-No Shelter - from Godzilla Sdtk 1998
-Darkness - from The Crow Sdtk 1994
-Wake Up

Live Tracks
-Bulls on Parade - Tibetan Freedom Concert, San Francisco, CA; June 15 or 16, 1996 from Tibetan Freedom Concert 1997
-Vietnow, No Shelter, Bulls On Parade - 1999 Free Tibet Concert
-Guerilla Radio - Late Show with David Letterman – November 2, 1999
-?? - MTV Total Request Live? – Broadcast 1999
-Testify, Guerilla Radio, Sleep Now In A Fire, People of the Sun, Bullet In The Head, Bulls On Parade, ??, Freedom - MTV Spankin' Live Music – Mexico City 1999
-People of the Sun, No Shelter, Kick Out The Jams?, How I Could Just Kill A Man (with B-Real & ??) bonus tracks on Renegades 2000
-?? Pinkpop Festival
-Kick Out the Jams, Sleep Now in the Fire, Killing in the Name, Guerilla Radio - from ratm.com

Alternate Versions, Remixes & Mash-Ups
-Guerrilla Radio - Edit Version (3.25)
-Intergalactic Guerilla - Rage Against The Machine v Beastie Boys (Vault CD 19)
-Renegades of Funk: Crystal Method Remix (6.06) (Vault CD 23 & Vault CD 19)
-Testify: Testifly Mix + (3:50), Rowena Projects Mix + (4:24) from Testify EP 2000 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 64)
-Renegades of Funk, Down in the Street, How I Can Just Kill a Man, I'm Housin', In My Eyes, Kick Out the Jams, Maggie's Farm, Microphone Fiend, Pistol Grip Pump, Street Fighting Man, The Ghost of Tom Joad: nstrumental versions from ratm.com

Related Artist: Tom Morello

-One Man Army with The Prodigy from the Spawn Soundtrack 1997
-No Man Army (4.44) with The Prodigy 1996
-No Man Army Edit (4.10) the The Prodigy from Their Law 2005
-Blind Willie McTell ~ from Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan 2012

Live Tracks
-The Ghost of Tom Joad with Bruce Springsteen, London Calling with Bruce Springsteen, (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher with Bruce Springsteen, Darlene Love, John Fogerty, Sam Moore & Billy Joel - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert, Madison Square Garden, NY; October 29, 2009 from 25th Anniversary Concert CD 2010

Street Sweeper
-Clap for the Killers, The Oath from NINJA 2009 Tour Sampler (NINJA09.com Download/Vault CD TBD)

Related Artist: Zach de la Rocha
-March of Death - Zack de la Rocha & DJ Shadow (Vault CD 24)
-B.O.B. - OutKast with Zach de la Rocha (Vault CD 19)
-CIA - with Last Emperor & KRS One (Vault CD 19)
-Burned Hollywood Burned - Chuck D, Zach de la Rocha & The Roots from Bamboozled Soundtrack 2000 
-We Want It All + ~ with Trent Reznor from We Want It All [Single] 2004 (iTunes Plus Download/Vault CD 183)
Related Artist: One Day As A Lion
Singles & EPs
-One Day As A Lion Digital EP from iTunes (Vault CD 46)