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Commercial Releases

Compilation CDs
-Tales of a Librarian: The Tori Amos Collection CD & DVD 2003 Atlantic

Albums & CDs
-Little Earthquakes 1991
-Under The Pink 1994
-More Pink 1994
-Boys For Pele 1996
-From The Choirgirl Hotel 1998
-To Venus And Back 1999
-Strange Little Girls 2001 Atlantic
-Scarlet's Walk Limited Edition Packaging w/DVD 2001 Epic

Videos & DVDs
-Little Earthquakes (junkie page)

Non-album Tracks

Circa Little Earthquakes (1991-1993)

B-Sides, One-Offs & Out-takes
-The Pool, Take To The Sky, Sweet Dreams, Upside Down from Winter CD5 1991
-Here In My Head, Mary from Crucify UK CD5 1992
-Winter, Angie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Thank You  from Crucify US CD5 1992
-Sugar, Flying Dutchman, Humpty Dumpty from China CD5 1992

Live Tracks
-Song For Eric March 15, 1992 (MP3)

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Crucify: Remix? from Crucify UK CD5 1992; Remix from Crucify US CD5 1992
-Happy Worker: Remix originally from Toys Soundtrack 1992 (Vault CD 24)

Circa Under the Pink (1994-1995)

B-Sides, One-Offs & Out-takes
-Sister Janet, Daisy Dead Petals, Honey from Cornflake Girl CD5 1994
-Home On the Range-Cherokee Edition, All The Girls Hate Her, Over It from God CD5 1993/4
-Strange Fruit originally b-side of Cornflake Girl 1994 (Internet Download/Vault CD 97)
-Black Swan originally b-side of Pretty Good Year 1994 (Internet Download/Vault CD 97)
-Little Drummer Boy originally on More Pink AU 1994
-Famous Blue Raincoat - from Tower of Song: Tribute to Leonard Cohen 1994
-Losing My Religion, Butterfly - from Higher Learning Soundtrack 1994
-Down By The Seaside with Robert Plant from encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin 1995

Live Tracks
-Winter Free Trade Hall, Manchester March 1, 1994 from Past The Mission CD5 1994
-The Waitress The Sanders Theater, Boston March 31, 1994 from Past The Mission CD5 1994
-Here In My Head Colston Hall, Bristol March 7, 1994 from Past The Mission CD5 1994

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Cornflake Girl: edit (3.53) from Cornflake Girl CD5 1994

Circa Boys for Pele (1996-1997)

B-Sides, One-Offs & Out-takes
-This Old Man, That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song), Graveyard, Toodles Mr Jim "Silly Songs" from Caught A Light Sneeze CD5 1996 (Internet Download versions on Vault CD 97)
-Finn, Siren from Great Expectations Soundtrack 1997
-Abbey Road (Internet Download/Vault CD 97)

Live Tracks
-Caught A Light Sneeze, Hey Jupiter - Saturday Night Live 1996

Remixes & Alternate Versions
-Blue Skies: BT's Remix (5.04), BT's Delphium Days Mix (12.52) from the BT album Ima 1996
-Caught A Light Sneeze: Unedited Version from Caught A Light Sneeze CD5 1996
-Professional Widow: Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix [Radio Edit] (3.48) from Tales of a Librarian 1996/2003

Circa Songs from the Choirgirl Hotel and To Venus and Back (1998-2000)

B-Sides, One-Offs & Out-takes
-Merman from No Boundaries 1999 (Internet Download version on Vault CD 97)
-Never Seen Blue, Beulah Land from Jackie's Strength CD5 1998

Live Tracks
-Hey Jupiter, Upside Down - From "Bliss" CD5 1999
-1,000 Oceans - from Late Show with David Letterman; October 14, 1999
-1,000 Oceans - from Tonight Show with Jay Leno; September 21, 1999
-Precious Things, iieee, interview, Past The Mission, Caught A Light Sneeze, interview, Take To The Sky, ??, interview, Waitress - Sessions at West 54th Broadcast February 6, 1999
-Jackie's Strength - Conan O'Brien October 1998
-Northern Lad - from the Rosie O'Donnell Show 1998
-Cornflake Girl VH-1; January 1999 (1998 Tape 11)

Circa Strange Little Girls and Scarlet's Walk and Tales of a Librarian (2001)

B-Sides, One-Offs & Out-takes
-After All, Only Women Bleed from Strange Little Girl GR CD5 2001

Circa Scarlet's Walk and Tales of a Librarian (2002-2004)

B-Sides, One-Offs & Out-takes
-Angels, Snow Cheries from France, Mary (New Version), Sweet Dreams (New Version) from Tales of a Librarian 2003
-Putting the Damage On [Remix], Mr Zebra [Instr], Putting the Damage on [Instr] - runs over various DVD features from Tales of a Librarian 2003 (Vault CD tbd)

Live Tracks
-Pretty Good Year, Honey, Northern Lad ~ Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, Florida; September 4, 2003 recorded during the soundcheck for Welcome to Sunny Florida from Tales of a Librarian 2003 DVD (Vault CD tbd)

Circa Abnormally Attracted to Sin and Midwinter Graces (2009-2010)

Live Tracks
-Lady In Blue-, Ophelia-, Pink And Glitter-, A Silent Night With You- ~ Daytrotter Studio, The Horseshack, Rock Island, Ill; December 7, 2009 ( download/Vault CD 138)